z/XDC: New Flexibility for Accessing Session Profiles When Debugging Batch Jobs

Until now, in order to load/save session profiles, you needed to have a //ISPPROF (or //XDCPROF) allocation in the job (or TSO session ) that you are debugging. Well, when debugging something running in TSO, that’s no problem since //ISPPROF allocations are nearly always present. But in batch jobs, that can be problematic.

If you know ahead of time what job you will be debugging, you can easily add a //ISPPROF DD card, but I’ll bet you frequently forget to…

But there also are scenarios where the code to be debugged (an SRB or a common routine located in CSA for examples) may run in an unpredictable aspace, in which case pre-inserting a //ISPPROF DD card simply is not feasible! Well finally, there’s a solution.

When you issue a PROFILE READ (or SAVE) command, you can add a LIBRARY=dsname operand to the command. This allows you to load (or save) your profile from any FB-80 library you like!

The update that implements this is named DBC-1902A. The starting point for more information is HELP WHATSNEW Z22 THINGSFIXED MAINTENANCE.