z/XDC's Built-in Help is now on the web! [woohoo!]

we have started publishing z/XDC's Built-in Help as web pages that are far more user friendly than z/XDC's classic HELP command. The pages contain the same topics as the classic Built-in Help, but they have several additional features:

  • The Help can be navigated using all the methods that browsers offer.
  • There is a search bar that for the first time allows the Help to be fully searched in user friendly ways:
    • Normal ISPF style options can be used: WORD, PREFIX, SUFFIX, case match (or not).
    • The search also allows regular expressions! (woohoo!)
    • The search bar will also allow you to navigate using classic HELP commands.
  • There is a navigation sidebar at the left that shows (by topic names) any part of the Built-in Help you like.
    • The sidebar shows the Help's topics hierarchy.
    • The hierarchy can be expanded, collapsed and navigated through in all the ways that you would expect.

The help can be found at colesoft.com/help.

Rebuilding the Help pages is now a part of our normal publishing process, so we expect to be able to keep it bleeding edge current.

William Cole put this together. He is a new hire. He also is my grandson. His prospects as a mainframe developer are promising.