Major Performance Improvement for c/XDC users!

Starting with update DBC-2302H, c/XDC users will notice two things:

  • They will quickly notice that the CWIDE and C80 profiles no longer display a LIST VSTACK command in their Watch Window.
  • They will also notice that STEP commands (PF9, PF10 and PF11) no longer perform sluggishly.

These two facts are related.


There has long been a nagging performance issue with c/XDC, and in the end it turned out to be the stupidest thing! When using the CWIDE (and C80) default profiles, a LIST VSTACK command would be issued each and every time the user would press either ENTER or a PF key. Worse, whenever a STEP command was processed, LIST VSTACK would be issued TWICE! The problem is, LIST VSTACK is a very CPU-expensive command to run. Hence, the sluggishness.

We have fixed this. The CWIDE and C80 profiles no longer issue LIST VSTACK. Instead, they now issue  PSW and register displays (which perform much much faster).

Admittedly, C programmers will not find PSW and register information to be particularly interesting. However, a surprising number of our users are bilingual, and these people will probably find the new displays quite useful.

For more details, please read HELP MAINTENANCE 2023 2302H.