FTP Downloads for Maintenance Now Available

A couple years ago, we discovered that we had posted some bad maintenance and we had no way of knowing how many times it was downloaded and who had done the downloading. To help deal with this, we built an interface that requests some basic user information, just a name and email, before the maintenance file can be downloaded. This process gives us a list of users that we can contact in case of an error in the maintenance or an older maintenance has been superseded.

One side effect of the download process was that direct FTP download of maintenance to the mainframe was removed. This hasn’t been that big of an issue but we have heard users grumbling about it over the years. And so in our constant pursuit of having super happy customers, FTP downloads are back again for zXDC z2.1 maintenance!

FTP download operates in a similar fashion to the current maintenance download process. Just fill in some basic information and a FTP download will be generated. FTP server information and sample JCL to download maintenance will also be generated and will be provided.

As always, questions and feedback are appreciated.