Product News

New #XDCLOC8 Macro for Finding XDC Without Using the LOAD Macro

Until now, if your program needed to find a copy of the XDC load module, it had to use z/OS’s LOAD macro. However, if your logic was in an SRB, a space switched PC routine, locked code or other constrained environment where the use of SVCs are disallowed, then you could not use LOAD. Instead, you would have to pre-LOAD XDC at an earlier, non-constrained point in your logic and then squirrel away XDC’s address under a rock somewhere for use later, in your constrained code.

LIST SUBPOOLS Command Rewrite

The LIST SUBPOOLS command produces several reports regarding the organization of storage subpools within common storage and within an address space’s private area.

z/XDC Release z2.2 is Now Generally Available

ColeSoft is excited to announce the general availability of z/XDC Release z2.2, the latest in a long line of strong development advances to an already powerful product. z/XDC Release z2.2 includes substantial updates to the base z/XDC product, as well as introducing a powerful new optional feature, c/XDC.

New Flexibility for Accessing Session Profiles When Debugging Batch Jobs

Until now, in order to load/save session profiles, you needed to have a //ISPPROF (or //XDCPROF) allocation in the job (or TSO session ) that you are debugging. Well, when debugging something running in TSO, that’s no problem since //ISPPROF allocations are nearly always present. But in batch jobs, that can be problematic.

Limited CICS Support Extended to CICS R5.5

z/XDC’s ability to recognize load modules within a CICS address space has been extended. We now support all CICS releases from 4.2 to 5.5.

Performance Improvement

As some of you have observed, z/XDC has gotten a bit sluggish over the years, and unfortunately, I have to agree. So identifying and correcting significan performance issues has become a priority for us.

Something NEW! “Latent Commands”

z/XDC has a very useful Session Log that it automatically writes to spool. It simply records everything that goes on in the display’s top window (the Working Window). But it never includes anything that occurs in Watch Windows. The problem is, that’s where the PSW and registers are normally displayed.

New Short Command: LO (for LIST OPERANDS)

We have added a new shortcut command: LO can be placed to the left of any displayed machine instruction. If that instruction references storage, the locations will be decoded and the one or two locations referenced will be displayed.

Emergency Removal of z/XDC From Your Running System

Occasionally, a customer may have severe problems with z/XDC, and he may want to revert to an older level of z/XDC. However, due to the design of z/XDC’s installation process, it is not possible to revert to an older level without either reIPL’ing or somehow clobbering z/XDC’s SSCT entry to make it not findable by z/XDC.

Running Execution “Backwards”

No… We can’t actually run your program backwards, but if you want to see where you’ve been, we’ve got a new and easier way of doing that. We can actually make it look like your program is running backwards!