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October 2014

z/XDC Release z2.1 became generally available.

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z/XDC Release z2.1 is now GENERALLY AVAILABLE

ColeSoft is excited to announce the general availability of z/XDC Release z2.1 – some two years in the making.  Here are the highlights:

The Hook Command has been completely re-written to allow Hooks to be placed in “non-SVC-friendly” environments such as  PC routines, SRB routines, FRR-protected code, locked code and the like! Also, new parameters allow the user to target address spaces that do not yet exist. This rewrite removes most previous limitations on Hooks.

Automapping:  z/XDC will now automatically map modules and csects when execution reaches them for the first time in a debugging session.  The MAP command no longer needs to be issued explicitly.

Improved Breaking Event Address (“BEA”) Support: The LIST BEA command produces a one-line display showing the Breaking Event Address. The BEA is a handy device for understanding bugs arising from wild branches.  Also, the LIST BEA command has been added to some of z/XDC’s Factory Default Watch Windows.

LIST OPERANDS: This is a new command that can be used to show the before- and after- values of data touched by machine instructions as you step execution through your program.

Crosslinks:  z/XDC’s Built-in Help has long had thousands of crosslinks that connect words and paragraphs to topics related to the immediate discussion. Now, those crosslinks have been propagated into the PDF versions of the Help. This significantly improves the usefulness of the PDFs.

You may view our announcement on Youtube.

New Learning Resources

Training Videos: Dave Cole has created a series of YouTube training videos that help users to get more out of the product. You can find our channel at We expect to be adding new videos constantly.

z/XDC Forum: ColeSoft also has created a z/XDC User’s Group on LinkedIn. This is intended to be the go-to place for all things z/XDC: Release and event announcements, maintenance information, how-to’s, questions asked and answered, everything.  You can find the forum by searching LinkedIn for “z/XDC Users Group”, or (more easily) just go to

Documentation: New editions of all manuals  can be found at our web site:

New Quick Reference and z/XDC Primer: Bob Shimizu has substantially re-written these two documents, upda


July 2013

ColeSoft Marketing will soon MOVE from the Afton location to downtown Charlottesville, VA. The move will begin on July 15th, 2013 and will be complete a few days later. During the transition period, our e-mail addresses will still work, but we do anticipate some “glitches” in porting our existing phone numbers to the new location. In the meantime, if you need to reach us and have any problems, please contact Bob Shimizu at (800) XDC-5150 and he will help you. Thanks for your patience with us during this transition.

September 2012

Bob Shimizu (that’s me) wants to announce a BRAND NEW version of the z/XDC Quick Reference.  This new version is intended to be relevant to z/XDC Release z1.6 through z2.0.  It includes all the new commands added since the last edition some years ago AND information on our new c/XDC product.  You can download it under the Documentation tab for z/XDC Release z1.13 and later versions.

The Quick Reference will be produced in two formats, as a free, download-able .pdf format and as a for-cost printed hard-copy booklet.  The hard-copy booklet may become available in a few more weeks.  For now, you can download the free copy and have a handy new reference for our z/XDC and c/XDC products.

January 2012

  • Bob Shimizu undertakes a re-write of the ColeSoft website, using WordPress.  After some initial grousing (“I can do all this work with templates!”), the work progresses.  A hushed expectation falls over the z/XDC User community.  A period of steady growth and genial prosperity ensues.

October 2011

  • ColeSoft Marketing announces the availability of z/XDC z1.13! Major developments with this latest version of z/XDC include:
    • Support zOS R1.13
    • Debugging RMODE64 code
    • Pre-beta infrastructure changes for future C based debugging
    • Pre-beta infrastructure changes for improved future CICS debugging
  • Click here for more information.

January 2011

  • ColeSoft Marketing announces the availability of z/XDC z1.12! Major developments with this latest version of z/XDC include:
    • Support for over 120 new machine instructions available on the z/Enterprise 196
    • Major improvements in debugging SRB applications
    • Major improvements in working with Dataspaces
    • “Helper Dialogs” for the DMAP, FIND, MAP and USING commands
    • Internal architecture changes
  • Click here for more information.

August 2010

  • ColeSoft Marketing announces the availability the beta of z/XDC z1.12! Major developments with this latest version of z/XDC include numerous SRB debugging support improvements, new reporting commands regarding access lists and data spaces and other updated “house-keeping” features . Click here for more information.

May 2009

  • ColeSoft Marketing announces the availability z/XDC z1.10! Major developments with this latest version of z/XDC include IBM’s® System z10 machine instructions support and other updated “house-keeping” features . Click here for more information.

July 2008

ColeSoft Marketing announces the beta test availability of z/XPF™, a tool that programmers, analysts and capacity planners can use to understand more about the performance of their programs and systems. Click here for more information.

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