More than 20 years of experience in software development have made Beta Systems one of the leading German providers of software solutions and services. More than 20 high-performance software products for z/OS, UNIX, Linux and Windows environments ensure integrated systems management and optimized processes in several areas of IT infrastructure, whether in large companies or medium-sized enterprises. Working on the basis of existing hardware and software resources, the flow of data and information is boosted, enhancing the productivity of business operations. Beta Systems’ software solutions offer maximum performance, scalability, availability and flexibility.

Most of Beta Systems’ mainframe products are based on a common code platform -the Beta Systems architecture. It makes extensive use of the system’s multitasking in connection with it’s own SVC. System exits, ISPF interfaces, batch jobs, front-ends and servers on other platforms are among some of the other components of these highly developed products.

XDC from Cole Software® has been used in Beta Systems’ development for ten years. Jens-Uwe Pohl, software developer and project leader on many Beta Systems projects, has been working for a long time with XDC and describes the product as follows:

“z/XDC is a very stable, reliable product which is also easy to install. It enables you to get used to working with complex materials quickly and follow and understand the interplay of all components. It doesn’t take long to get used to working with the system and the range of functions is very comprehensive. The extensive online help allows you to find and use the functions you need fast. Z/XDC is an important tool for us in localizing and fixing errors in the shortest possible time, whether for a complete MVS Started Task or for batch jobs and C programs.

Cole Software’s® support superbly complements the high quality of the products. Their friendly staff always answer questions and problems competently. I know of few companies that react as quickly as they do to enquiries. Exchanging emails with Cole Software® on your question happens as fast as real-time chat and you get the installation CD you need the next day (and that in Germany ).

No question, z/XDC is a very high-quality product, supported by a great team. I can only recommend them.”

Jens-Uwe Pohl, Software Developer and Project Leader – Beta Systems