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Hello, friends! ColeSoft will appear at SHARE in Pittsburgh, PA August 4-7 in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. We’ll be in Booth #416, towards the end of the hall on the left side.

GOOD NEWS: Dave Cole will be there to greet customers and discuss z/XDC, z/OS internals and any related topic.

Over the decades, SHARE has become a gathering or our very special tribe – those few thousand people who provide the applications that run western civilization. We look forward to seeing you there.

ColeSoft Marketing is dedicated to the continued development of diagnostic and measuring tools for sophisticated software engineers, applications programmers, capacity planners and systems programmers working on the z/OS® mainframe computing platform.

Our customers are among the world’s foremost software development houses and Fortune 500 companies. These hard-working companies collectively support the data processing activities of most of western civilization.

If your insurance bill came on time and was correct, if your banking statement was accurate, if your utility bill was processed correctly, then a mainframe computer was involved and we had a small part in guaranteeing the accuracy of the results.  We’re like “tool-and-die” makers for the software industry – one step removed but deeply involved.

We offer z/XDC – the premier debugging tool for z/OS-based Assembler programmers.  This is our flag-ship product, which is highly regarded in the software development and Fortune 500 communities.

We offer z/XPF – a completely new architecture for measuring resource consumption in address spaces.  Once your code is debugged with z/XDC, you can point z/XPF at it to see how efficient it is.

ANNOUNCING c/XDC, an add-on feature to z/XDC that brings z/XDC’s capabilities into the IBM C, C++ and Metal C.  We’re really excited about this new offering, which should be available in beta form very soon.

You can learn more about each of our products here at this site.  Feel free to explore.  If you need to reach us, we’re very easy to reach.  Welcome to ColeSoft!